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School Support & Homework Club

Grades TK through 12


CAP Academy is happy to offer safe, in-person support to help all of our scholars stay on track at our facility and through Distance Learning this year.  We offer an educational environment for all students to learn free from distractions while under the supervision of one of our wonderful instructors.  Our instructors will ensure that all of our students stay on track with their studies by communicating and coordinating with their teachers at school, making sure all of our students sign into their school sessions and seeing that all assignments are submitted on-time.


Students will have the opportunity to complete homework, projects, and prepare for upcoming exams with our instructors.  All assignments will be assessed by our instructors to ensure that they achieve the best understanding of topics covered in school.  While here, students will also learn and build lifelong study skills that will allow future educational success. 

Please contact us to get more information about our pricing options! 

Private Tutoring

Grades 1 through 12

Our Private Tutoring option is geared toward you or your child's academic needs.  All students who utilize this option have the opportunity to work one-on-one on a subject of choice with one of our instructors.  Our instructors are paired with students based on the subject they need assistance in.  These sessions are catered to each student's need, whether it be to reteaching a concept or getting one-on-one help for an assignment.  Private tutoring can be done on a regular or drop-in basis.  All Private Tutoring students will have the option of attending their sessions in-person or online.

Private Tutorising will be scheduled based on the availability of the specific instructor.

Please contact us for our pricing options!



Information about our Winter Scholars program to be released shortly!

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